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Taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do for yourself.
Ooba is about making it easy for you to achieve exactly that. With today's hectic
and demanding lifestyles, supplements are essential health boosters that fill in
protection gaps so you can be your next level best.

Tell us about yourself

Share with us your lifestyle
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We'll create a plan unique for you.
Learn how it works and how it's
going to help you.

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Your personalized packs of daily
goodness will be delivered to you
monthly - a box of 30 individual
daily packs.

Helping you build good habits.

Developing good habits is hard. We make it easy.
Education about supplements makes it easy for you to
choose what's right for you. Personalized packs and
automatic subscription will ensure you get your daily
dose of goodness.

Our bestsellers.
Try our starter packs if you're new to all this.
Comes with a money-back guarantee.

Starter Pack For Him - Trifecta
B-Complex + Fish Oil + Multivitamin
Starter Pack For Her - Terrific Trio
Calcium + Evening Primrose + Multivitamin

Where our supplements
come from.

Our supplements are from Blackmores, a leader in
natural health products and Malaysia's Most Trusted
Vitamin and Supplement Brand
as judged by
Malaysia in the 2019 Reader Digest Survey.

All Blackmores products except Bio Zinc Plus,
Billberry and Digestive Enzymes Plus which are sold
in Malaysia have been certified halal by the Al-Iman
Islamic Society Incorporated Australia (formerly
known as Islamic Co-ordinating Council of Australia
Inc). More details here.