About Us.

Hello! I’m Kayla, a working mom. Together with my five year old son, Kai, life gets crazy sometimes. Rewarding, but crazy. Mothering is tough, especially when you’re going at it alone. Four years ago, when Kai was almost two, I wanted a life more than just Kai and work. I wanted a life for myself.

I reached out to my friend Coach Kit and started on this journey of self-love. I was sedentary. I had an unhealthy lifestyle, mostly from just being complacent. I hardly drank water and ate so much processed food. I loved my instant noodles and on the times I had a bit of time to myself, I would be on the couch binge watching Netflix.

Slowly but surely, I built a healthier lifestyle. It started with very small steps. Just drinking water and getting enough sleep. I had a better diet and started on supplements. I started working out. Well in my late thirties, I started my journey of personal growth, with meditating.

Throughout this journey, it felt lonely sometimes, but I got encouragement and inspiration from friends and life happening around me. But I eventually got there, completing a triathlon four years from the point I decided to be a healthier me, both body and soul.

My journey is not unique. All of us, at one point of another, wonders what it is like to be a better version of ourselves. We have one life, and we should make a go of it.

Ooba was conceived to be your tiniest biggest cheerleader – one tiny pack, delivering you your daily goodness for your body and soul.

What we believe.

At Ooba, we believe everyone deserves a life
less ordinary. While you’re striving for that,
every thought has been put in to ensure you
get the support you’re looking for.

From our individualized recommendation
supplement plan, to our individual packs
carrying curated messages, our packs are
designed to be your biggest, yet littlest,