Your key to sustainable lifestyle change.

Health Coaching.

To succeed with a healthy lifestyle, you need to get real with yourself and take a look at
what works and does not work for you. No yo-yo diets, depriving yourself of food and then
binge eating on the weekends.

Our certified health coaches work with you to find food and lifestyle choices that best
support you. Our goal is consistency. We aim to help you cultivate a relationship between
your mind and body so you can develop healthy habits around food and exercise.

Here's how we help.

Our programs are 100% individualized to help you find balance in your life. In our
coaching sessions, we help you integrate sustainable habits in your life.

We will help
unburden your food dilemmas and sort out the confusion about living well.

Kit Chan is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition NYC. For the past 16 years, he has been working with clients to transform their lifestyles.

With six years of coaching under his belt and a passion for personal transformation, Kit will work along side you in your wellness journey.

Choose a plan.

1 Meeting Fix | Kitchen Audit
This is a quick two hour session to give you an introduction to how health coaching helps makeover your lifestyle.
Our Session Includes :
1) Quick assessment of where you are, your challenges and some goals.
2) A tour of your supermarket to show you how to shop healthy and eat affordably. A lesson in how to read labels.
3) Kitchen audit to uncover food traps that could derail your wellness journey.
Work With Me | Ultimate Makeover
This is a personalized coaching program for six months to help you transition into your new lifestyle and slowly incorporate life-long changes.
This program Includes :
1) An initial 90-minute consultation to get to know each other, set your goals and design your program.
2) This is followed by one-on-one 1 hour session every 2 weeks for the remaining six months to ensure you are transitioning well.
3) Work to achieve and maintain your ideal weight, understand and reduce your cravings plus increase your energy levels


Company Founder

"I've tried different kinds of programs but consistency was a problem.
With health coaching, Kit has been supportive and helped me
make adjustments along the way. He's made a difference!"


Head of Talent Development

"I have a hectic life, with two kids and a high pressured job. Kit
listened and understood my current lifestyle and challenge to be
healthy. He worked with me to embed healthy habits in my current
time-strapped lifestyle. Truly life changing for me."